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When we started Expedition Media, our goal was to create top of the line video content for everyone. Too often, you see commercials, web ads, brand videos, and social media content that just lack something in the quality department. We want everyone’s videos to be beautiful, cinematic stories that audiences can relate to. Our goal has always been to give top-notch video production to any and every client, and we’re constantly striving for the best.

Our Services

Brand Videos

With video growing every single day, it is becoming more and more important for brands and businesses to have video content. In addition to all of video’s SEO and social media benefits, Google and comScore recently reported that YouTube reaches 95% of online adults 35+ monthly. We’re here to take your brand’s video journey with you.

Social Media Content

Social Media is still exploding. More and more we are seeing people of every age – parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents – using social media on a daily basis. The best way to reach and impress your target audience is via social media, where people can share the brands they like with their friends. We love creating shareable and relatable content for you to pump out via social media!

Custom Packages

No project is too big for us. We’ve worked on projects of every size budget, and every single project has different goals and needs. We’re equipped to handle anything, and if you need to sit down with us and tailor a project around your specific needs, we’re here to help.

Music Videos

Music videos are some of the most fun projects to work on. When an artist puts their heart and soul into their songs, we love to help create a visual representation of the artist’s vision. We have a vast experience with music video, with a release on Billboard and millions of views on YouTube. Music videos are the epitome of creativity and are some of our favorite projects to work on.

Video Placement

Once we create video content for you, one of your biggest concerns will be trying to figure out when and where to place it to have the biggest impact on your target audience. Our team has experience placing advertising online, on social media, and even in other outlets as well. We will develop a strategy for you to help place your ads and posts effectively. Whatever the purpose for your video, we’ll get it where it needs to be.

Website Creation

Sometimes, the biggest thing your brand needs is a website to go with it. Mobile optimized, high quality websites are our specialty and whatever your purpose may be, we have the ability to create a site or landing page to go along with your brand’s goals.


At Expedition Media we believe in the expansion of electronic media, with a strong focus on film. The driving component in every project we work on is the story that we can tell. Whether it is a music video telling an artistic story, or a promotional video telling the story of a brand, a great story is what connects with the masses. Our studios have seen success making commercials and promotional videos, music videos, short films, and more. We strive for perfection in all of our work, and are constantly focused on a strong attention to detail on projects of all sizes. With backgrounds in many fields from video and film production to branding and business development, our team is ready to help your brand reach your customers and grow exactly the way you want.

Expedition Media is ready to join you on your journey and excited for you and your brand to be a part of ours!

Garret Laver

Garret Laver

Director of Creative Operations | Director

Expedition Media was founded by Garret Laver, a filmmaker and entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, relocated to California with a stop to get a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design along the way. Garret is an expert in video production and directing, and has been successful by having a strong ability to put the right people in place to succeed at all times. Building a team of experts in film, web video, branding, advertising, and business development, Garret has put Expedition Media in position to help brands grow and prosper for years to come.

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